Northwest Fire Investigators Association

The 2016 Conference will be May 2-6 2016.

2016 Conference Registration

The Pacific Northwest Fire Investigators Conference is held annually in Leavenworth Washington.

Over the last several years the Board of Directors for Northwest Fire Investigators have created a complete re-write of their By-Laws.  The articles have been renumbered to create a better flow of information and there has been a number of small additions to update the document.  Some of these subjects include: defining who is a voting member, when Board Member terms begin after the annual election, Board members who have retired from their professional duties can serve as a Board Member, and others.

The current By-Laws require 30 days notice of By-Law changes prior to a vote.  The attached re-written By-Laws are attached for you review.  The current By-Laws are posted on the NW Fire Investigators web site.  This information will be posted on the web site and also on Facebook.  Please review the proposed By-Laws and post a YES to adopt the proposal, or NO.  Post your vote on President Don Tomaso’s email at

This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .  At our annual meeting on May 3, 2016, during the Pacific Northwest Fire Investigation Conference, additional votes will be taken and the results released.

Proposed Bi-Law change will be voted on at the Conference in May.
(Click to download Word Document.)